Electric Appliances

Energy efficient appliances are not only a great face lift for your home; they also help you save big in the long run. ENERGY STAR® certified appliances incorporate advanced technologies and use 10 to 50 percent less energy than standard appliances. There are really two price tags when you buy a new appliance: the purchase price and the cost to operate and maintain it. ENERGY STAR certified appliances help to save both energy, and money with lower operating costs. Before you replace your next appliance check out the ENERGY STAR website to find information and buying guidance tips on a variety of products.

For a limited time, rebates are available to our residential customers on select products when you purchase ENERGY STAR certified electric appliances for installation in your New Hampshire home. Customers can purchase qualifying equipment for incentives anywhere – at our participating NH retailers, online or in another state.

NHSaves offers options to apply for your rebate online, or by standard mail.

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Appliance Rebate Forms

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Visit ENERGYSTAR.gov for more information on highly efficient appliances.

Contact your electric utility or visit their website by clicking on company name below to learn more about rebates.