2017 NHSaves Drive to Net Zero Home Competition Participant

11 Poplar Street, Andover NH

Applicant: Brad Hardie
Project Address: 11 Poplar Street, Andover NH
Builder Website:


Brad Hardie’s dream of designing and building his Zero Energy Challenge home began in 2012. The dream was based on principals of economic stability. His experience in energy efficient construction began years ago when he studied building science technology from such industry known experts as Peter Yost and Mark Rosenbaum. He has over 1,000 house of study which also includes a term at the Cold Climate Research Center in Alaska. Brad is a member of the NH Sustainability Association.

Low energy use has been a major focus in the design and construction as well as Brad’s goal to make the project affordable. The owner has done majority of the construction himself with some help from summer interns from Proctor Academy – including the ICF foundation, framing, roofing, and site work to all the finish and trim.

Renewables:  V.H. ENERGY, Sanbornton, NH

Vladimir Hromis along with his team of experienced consultants have been designing and installing solar array for homeowners and business since 2008. Each system is crafted by a certified electrical engineer and installed by crew of qualified and experienced electricians.  Vlad is a graduate from Drexel University with an Electrical Engineering degree.

HVAC: Seely Plumbing & Heating, Meredith, NH

Full service ENERGY STAR plumbing and heating contractor in Meredith, New Hampshire

HERS Rater: Horizon Residential Energy Services NH LLC, Concord, NH

Since 2001, Horizon Residential Energy Services NH LLC has been dedicated to providing homebuilders and homeowners with straightforward and unbiased advice to help determine the most practical and cost effective ways to increase the energy performance of new and existing homes. Horizon-RES has worked with the NH Utilities for well over a decade certifying hundreds of ENERGY STAR Homes.

General Project Overview:

  • The Hardie Home is a 4807 square foot four bedroom home built on an “infill site” – a deteriorated building was removed and replaced.
  • Super insulated home using reclaimed insulation for exterior walls, roof, slab and foundation walls.
  • Brad previously owned and operated a custom millwork company on Cape Cod and later moved to NYC to be a firefighter and Paramedic. He and his family have now moved to NH and are building their dream home.

Special Features:

  • Reconstructed 1800’s farmhouse
  • Walking distance to downtown and work
  • Garage with in-law apartment
  • Vaulted ceiling replicating original farmhouse barn board ceiling

Orientation and Envelope:

  • Home Energy Score (HERS) projected score of 15
  • Final blower door result of ___ ACH50 (to be determined)
  • Basement slab was covered with vapor barrier and then insulated with 6” of expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam board equal to an R-22
  • Interior foundations wall is insulated with EPS equal to an R-33 and a R-12 fiberglass batt for a total wall exterior wall equaling R-45
  • Exterior wall sheathed with Zip-R sheathing.
  • Windows with U-values of 0.28 (roughly R-4) and solar heat gain coefficient of .26
  • Wall and roof sheathing air sealing with Zip-R flashing and R-guard array of products.
  • Vaulted ceilings treated with EPS equally R-38
  • Flat Ceilings treated with blown in cellulose insulation to an R-68

Heating Cooling and Hot Water:

  • Geospring Heat Pump Water Heater With an energy factor of 3.1
  • Mitsubishi Air Source Heat Pump for heating 9.5 HSPF
  • Air Source Heat Pump for cooling 17.3 SEER
  • Smart Thermostat technology


  • Balanced HRV system Type


  • 100% of the house is outfitted with LED bulbs or fixtures
  • ENERGY STAR refrigerator, dishwasher, clothes washer, clothes dryer.
  • 200 amp electrical service


  • 18Kw roof mounted solar array

Resources sustainability features:

  • Air Source Heat Pump heating and hot water systems.
  • Reclaimed insulation
  • Built on an Infill site
  • Building integrated Solar Photovoltaic System

Building InformationDesign SpecsAs Built
Conditioned Area (sq. Ft.)4807
Housing TypeSingle family, Farmhouse
ThermalDesign SpecsAs Built
Slab FloorsR-22 EPS
Foundations wallsR-33 EPS
Framed FloorsN/A
WallsR-33 EPS, R12 Fiberglass
Vaulted CeilingsR-38
Flat CeilingsR-68 Cellulose
MechanicalDesign SpecsAs Built
Space Heating (primary only) > Efficiency (HSPF, COP, Etc.Air- Source Heat Pump          10.3 HSPF
Air Conditioning                                     > Efficiency (SEER, EER)Air- Source Heat Pump          21.0 SEER
Water Heating                                         > Efficicency (EF)Air-Source Heat pump
2.30 EF
Ventilation                                               > Flow RateBalanced whole house
50 CFM
Infiltration Rate.6 ACH50
RenewablesDesign SpecsAs built
Photovoltaics9.2 KW
Solar ThermalTBD
Other RenewablesTBD
Annual Energy Use (MMBTU/Yr)Code Built HomeThis Home
Water heating
Lighting & Apppliances
Final HERS Rating

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